ThingPark Connected

ThingPark Connected

  • What is ThingPark Connected? A device improvement program

ThingPark Connected is an interoperability testing service offered by Actility and its local test houses partners to device makers.

ThingPark Connected devices have been extensively tested through LoRaWAN use cases and application integration to confirm interoperability in networks powered by Actility’s network server and management software.

Once tested, device makers receive the ThingPark Connected status for their products.


  • How is it different form LoRaWAN and operator certifications? Real life testing

The LoRaWAN certification ensures interoperability and compliance with LoRaWAN networks. This certification doesn’t cover radio performance.

Operator certifications test interoperability with their networks.

ThingPark tests your devices in real application software environment.

All three qualification processes are complementary steps to ensure that devices are ready to run on a LoRaWAN network. ThingPark Connected is the most comprehensive testing program available on the market.


  • What are the benefits of the ThingPark Connected Program? 

ThingPark Wireless supports all LoRaWAN compliant devices, as certified by the LoRa alliance certification programs. Actility provides its customers with a standard technical support service for all LoRaWAN devices.

However, in operational conditions, Actility's experience shows that many issues arise that go beyond the protocol compliance, which are due to the specific conditions of the use case (e.g. unexpected synchronization of devices leading to message storms, collisions in dense conditions, rapidly changing radio conditions,...).

The ThingPark Connected program goes beyond protocol testing. Actility's teams invest more time to fully understand the functionality of the device and verify the LoRaWAN behavior in operational conditions. As a result of this extra work and better knowledge of the device, Actility's experience shows that the number of issues reported by customers is reduced, and its support teams are able to provide a more comprehensive level of support to operator and enterprise customers.

The "ThingPark Connected" label identifies products which have invested in this comprehensive "in-situ" validation process. For all "ThingPark Connected" devices, Actility's support teams have access to a specific expert service desk with intimate knowledge of the device configuration and functionning.


  • What is the process to become ThingPark Connected?
  1. Create your free partner account on
  2. Activate your device on our Dev Platform
  3. Self-test your device for free
  4. Buy a ThingPark Connected test package on line 
  5. Send your device to the test lab
  6. Once your device is ThingPark Connected, it is promoted on ThingPark Market