ThingPark Connected



What is ThingPark Connected ?

ThingPark Connected is Actility’s certification label which ensures that devices, gateways, and applications are fully integrated with the ThingPark platform. Each product that passes the certification receives an official certificate. This certification includes End-to-End (so-called IOP) and RF-Performance tests and focuses on market access.


Why End-to-End testing ?

End-to-end testing is essential to ensure the successful deployment of IoT solutions.

We have created a unique interoperability tool that allows device manufacturers to test their devices with the ThingPark LoRaWAN network server in a fully automated way.

The devices are tested against the LoRaWAN specification and operate in normal operating mode. This is the only way to ensure that a device can be controlled by the network server and deployed correctly without problems.

End device runs its normal Application Software


Why RF testing ?

Past experiences with mobile operators and feedback from many LoRaWAN operators show that it is essential to have devices with good transmission and reception performance. Indeed, a device with poor RF performance has a significant impact on the network that may require the operator to deploy more gateways to compensate for it.

This increases the cost to the end customer and slows the adoption and deployment of IoT solutions.

It is also essential that the device has the performance corresponding to the use case for which it was designed. Thus a water meter installed in the cellars should necessarily have better performance than a small bike tracker which will operate most often on the surface.


How is a device being tested ?

The device is placed in an anechoic chamber and is configured (frequency channel, TX power) over the air using a LoRaWAN Gateway.

The methodology replicates real environment (when the operator uses ADR algorithm) where LoRa MAC commands are used to configure the device.

In the same way, the sensitivity point is when the device has a Packet Error Rate above 10%. It is the real point when MAC command retransmission will be needed and will trigger overload of downlink traffic.

By using ThingPark Connected products, Actility’s customers have the assurance they can deploy their IoT use cases simply and efficiently, at scale. They can fully focus on their business and build value using validated products.


ThingPark Connected flow

  1. Create your free partner account on
  2. Activate your device on our Dev Platform and provision a gateway
  3. Self-test your device for free using our end-to-end testing tool (accessible through your account)
  4. Buy a ThingPark Connected test package online
  5. Send your device to the test lab
  6. Once your device is ThingPark Connected, it is promoted on ThingPark Market and to Actility's customers (public operators, distributors...)