ThingPark Approved

ThingPark Approved

ThingPark Approved Testing - an interoperability label for partner products.

Provides interoperability testing with ThingPark platform & go to market label for ThingPark solution partners

Interoperability testing with ThingPark Platform

  • LoRaWAN use cases testing for devices & frequency plans
  • ThingPark LRR SW integration & interoperability testing for gateways
  • Validation of applications integration with ThingPark DX API
  • E2E testing tools for partner products
  • Testing services run by Actility team or ThingPark Approved Test Lab Partner

Benefits for ThingPark Partners

  • Approved product labelling & market exposure
  • Participation in ThingPark Marketplace

Benefits for ThingPark Customers

  • Approved products are pre-tested and validated with ThingPark
  • Approved devices are flagged for ThingPark networks support operations