About ThingPark



  • ThingPark Wireless is a core network management and supervision solution for LPWA connectivity
  • ThingPark OS is a central IoT management service to connect sensors to applications
  • ThingPark X is a data analytics and control framework which exposes data from connected things to applications, and offers off the shelf IoT  industrial applications  
  • ThingPark Market is a B2B ecommerce platform aggregating, distributing and connecting IoT devices and applications to the ThingPark platform



ThingPark Wireless : Build new IoT services on carrier-grade network capabilities

Whether you are a service provider, a utility company or a private network operator, ThingPark Wireless is designed to meet your needs for the most advanced core network capabilities. Thanks to our extensive experience of national network roll-outs around the globe, Actility provides the most advanced LoRaWAN core network server available.


Turnkey IoT network

ThingPark Wireless combines an LPWA core network and an Operations Support System (OSS). The first manages communications between connected objects, base stations and applications. The second enables network operators to supervise the network infrastructure, manage connectivity plans and control roles and access rights, within a reliable and scaleable solution. ThingPark Wireless supports a range of gateways — outdoor macro-cell, indoor nano-cell, and pico-cells — which allows operators to use different roll-out models to capture both consumer and B2B service opportunities.

Innovative value-added features

Three additional services can add high-value capabilities to a ThingPark Wireless network: network-based geolocationjoin servers for device on-boarding and roaming between LoRaWAN operators; and hardware security module (HSM) key management for the best network security.

Professional services optimise your network roll-out

Actility supports all ThingPark network deployments with a complete professional services portfolio delivered by dedicated project management teams: network commissioning, optimisation studies and LoRa radio coverage testing. These services ensure an easy and efficient project roll-out and guarantee an optimized LPWA network.



ThingPark OS : Integrated device management and business enabler

ThingPark OS includes an operator-dedicated Operations Support System (OSS) tool to manage device and gateway onboarding through network activation, service orchestration and business enablement.ThingPark OS portals give users a set of end-to-end tools to manage both the operational and business layers of the product. These tools are enabled through WEB GUI applications, and are also available through web services to enable flexible and quick 3rd party management capabilities across the various existing roles (Operator, Supplier, Vendor or Subscriber) instantiated over the ThingPark Wireless product.


In a multi-tenant approach, operators can also enable multi-vendor supervision with dedicated connectivity, device and gateway management.

Network operation management :

ThingPark OS allows network operators to provision devices and gateways securely. They also have access to a graphical user interface to visualize all data from connected devices and gateways in real time,, including both payload and “meta data” providing information on the quality of the network and generating alarms if conditions deteriorate for any reason. Furthermore, the OSS tool also allows operators to manage all network related operations such as alarm management, connectivity plans, routing profiles towards third party application suppliers, uplink and downlink packet monitoring, duty cycle etc. Finally, operators can manage Usage Data records.

Multi – Role Management :

ThingPark OS enables operators to implement a multi-tenant and multi-vendor solution for a diversified go-to-market and channel strategy. Using the advanced role management system, operators can easily onboard multiple vendors, connectivity providers and facilitate business enablement with easy solution creation and resale.

Billing management support :

Billing is managed through easy integration with any operator BSS (Billing Support System). Actility’s ThingPark OS generates precise usage detail records (UDR) for each data transaction, facilitating billing operations..



ThingPark X : Enhancing the value of your data

ThingPark X enables IoT network operators to create more value in the data and application layers.Actility’s ThingPark X platform provides application enablers including data management and storage, and high performance algorithms and predictive analytics for key Industrial IoT domains such as manufacturing, utilities and agriculture. ThingPark X is complemented by a suite of integrated solutions including process modelling, machine learning engines, automated and real-time control algorithms.


Easy-to-implement REST APIs make it straightforward for third-party applications to interface with the ThingPark X data management system, enabling operators, device and application developers to support different M2M devices from various suppliers.

ThingPark X also delivers a comprehensive standardised platform focused on data analysis, response and actions (e.g. alerting, charging, and monitoring applications). Operators deploying ThingPark X benefit from a high availability platform with publication and subscribe-notify mechanisms, allowing developers to design multiple applications to interact with LoRaWAN™ devices through the same real-time APIs.

Big Data management

ThingPark can handle massive amounts of data, performing key features like quota management and automatic secure open data mediation. This function simplifies M2M application development, allowing clients to concentrate on data analysis and representation capabilities rather than storage management.

Application development enablement

Third-party application developers can easily interface with the ThingPark OS data management engine through connectors dedicated to specific external IoT cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix. ThingPark X also makes it possible for multiple application protocols like KNX, WMBus or ZCL to be carried over a LoRaWAN network with a single data storage and access mechanism.

Process Optimization through planning & forecasting

ThingPark X helps industrial process managers make informed decisions by collecting key information on asset utilisation and health status, and leveraging the predictive models developed for specific end-to-end LPWA solutions. Leveraging data collected from LPWA networks, ThingPark X provides predictive models for major industrial processes: for example, helping utilities develop in-depth insights based on the analysis of real-time information collected from fault management modules.

Real-time automation and control

ThingPark X includes real-time high-performance algorithms able to control millions of end-points and respond to network and market events with sub-second response time. ThingPark X large scale aggregation platforms are used today by Energy DSOs and TSOs to help control power consumption in real time.



ThingPark Market : Build, distribute and monetise IoT services

Our online IoT marketplace simplifies and accelerates go to market for IoT devices, services and applications. ThingPark Market provides global visibility for sellers and immediate availability for buyers, thanks to a complete catalogue of tested ThingPark compatible devices and applications.


A “one-stop shop” for your IoT deployment

ThingPark Market is a unique global catalogue for sourcing LPWA products: discover wholesale prices, contact buyers, and request custom quotes.

Global market exposure

ThingPark Market Sellers benefit from the high traffic within service providers’ stores to maximize the visibility of their products and services to a wide audience.

A branded store, customized for for service providers

As an IoT service provider, you have the opportunity to offer a branded ThingPark Market, providing a rich product catalogue to your customers and at the same time promoting your brand, connectivity and IoT services. Enhance your IoT solution portfolio and increase your IoT revenue with a ready-made product catalogue, and reduce operational costs at the same time.