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After almost 4 years helping the LoRaWAN community develop innovative Industrial IoT Solutions, ThingPark Partner portal will progressively close.

Our new ThingPark Community ( is now live , continuing our effort to accelerate accelerate adoption of IoT and LoRaWAN, and provides our community of developers, partners and customers with an upgraded experience of LoRaWAN and ThingPark.

With ThingPark Community, you will still benefit from a free access to our latest ThingPark releases. Based on ThingPark Enterprise SaaS version, you will enjoy much improved user experience, support for device payload CoDecs, native connectors to all major IoT platforms such as AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT and IoT Central, and much more.

If you're already a ThingPark Partner user, no worries: the service remains accessible till the end of H1 2021.

The ThingPark Community Team

Thing Park Community

The power of LoRaWAN and ThingPark is made available to the ecosystem via the ThingPark Community. Join the Community to access ThingPark products and services free-of charge for your non-commercial use to have hands on experience with the latest technology and platform. Access to LoRaWAN and ThingPark document base, and Forum for your in-depth questions to be answered by the experts. Be part of a crowd-sourced radio network to contribute and leverage for your own use.

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